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WRT32X or WRT3200acm?

My days old wrt3200acm failed. I am returning it to best buy as requested by Linksys. I am wondering if I should get the wrt32x instead? I am not a gamer. But we do 4k streaming and our TV is streaming as well. Any benefit? 

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Re: WRT32X or WRT3200acm?

Hi, kodyaten. WRT3200acm should be good by now, as announced by the team. Before you decide in returning the product, allow us to escalate your case to our 2nd Level Support Team so they can take a look as to what's causing the problem on your end. Send us an email at along with your full name, phone number, location, and link to this community thread. Should you choose to replace it with WRT32X, feel free to visit our website at for more information. 

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