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Re: WRT32x and WRT3200ACM WiFi Issues



after i finish writing my first post here... the problem comback!!! 


getting this message "windows could not automatically detect this network's proxy settings router" on my browser...

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Re: WRT32x and WRT3200ACM WiFi Issues

sighhh lol this problem is evading us allllll
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Re: WRT32x and WRT3200ACM WiFi Issues

Got exact same problem as everyone else, also after rolling back the firmware update :-/

Usually i'm all for Linksys product and always supported the brand, but this has me srsly wondering if i was wrong all along.

It's sad that you pay so much for a router and you don't take time to test the firmware before you roll it out.

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Re: WRT32x and WRT3200ACM WiFi Issues

I dont think it's your imagination since i have had the exact same feeling :-)

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Re: WRT32x and WRT3200ACM WiFi Issues

i've done the rollback as well, multiple times with a factory reset after each one, and still have the same issue of, I can stay connected to the SSID, but after time I have no ability to browse the internet, even though wired connections work just fine.

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Re: WRT32x and WRT3200ACM WiFi Issues

We installed the latest LEDE firmware.

Wow, got a real powerhouse of a router now.

Fixed the drop issues and has given us great configuation options.

Using our WRT 3200 ACM as a Access Point with a WRT 1900 ACM

as our main router.  Now have great range with strong band width.



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Re: WRT32x and WRT3200ACM WiFi Issues

Would be nice if they fix these wrt 32x... I have a night hawk plugged into my 32x so I can run Wi-Fi lol
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Re: WRT32x and WRT3200ACM WiFi Issues

I've rolled back to on the 3200ACM after having the same trouble as others (WiFi disconnects) on the latest version.

After rolling back, I have same behavior as the others:
- Wireless Radios no longer kick me off the network, but internet connection drops out. Router reports it still has internet (wired Ethernet still works fine).
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Re: WRT32x and WRT3200ACM WiFi Issues

Yeah I just switched over completely to my X4S nighthawk while this is going down. No probs using that thing. I might just turn the WRT 32X, it's essentially a brick since the 28th of November. I hope Linksys compensates us somehow.
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Re: WRT32x and WRT3200ACM WiFi Issues


Linksys_Lucas wrote:

Hello Everyone,


Am working to consolidate some of the threads for both of these routers today since all of them are related to WiFi Connectivity Concerns.


We are aware of the Wi-Fi performance issue affecting some WRT32X and WRT3200ACM users. 




While we are investigating the issue, we have posted directions for users to manually rollback their router to a previous stable version of firmware available from Please follow the instructions very carefully when rolling back the 32X to ensure that you maintain full functionality of the router after the rollback.




If you have been experiencing wireless drops for the WRT3200ACM since the November firmware update. We recommend that you rollback to the previous version, that has an older stable version of the Wireless Chipset driver Which is :



Latest Date:  5/18/2017
Download 39.9 MB 

Release Notes


For the WRT3200ACM you can manually download the update and install it or you can access your router UI, and select check for update which will now show the previous firmware available as an update.


After downgrading you may need to reset your router to get everything running smoothly again.


We are still investigating the root cause of the wireless  issues, and have already started reaching out to a few of the community members for additional network details to try and determine if there are certain combinations of devices or configurations that are causing the instability.


If you have a few minutes to assist and could share some network information with us it would be very helpful if you could take this very quick survey. Also if you have some more time and are interested in providing packet captures and sysinfo logs you can reach out to me directly via PM as well.


WRT3200ACM and WRT32X Issue Isolation Survey


I know this is frustrating to a lot of people and I am going to get my fair share of fun comments below for being the one on the forums asking for more info, but rest assured we are all working on getting everyone a premanent resolution as quickly as we can, and the more info we can get from a wide variety of user setups helps us narrow things down.




I, like everyone else, experienced issues with WiFi. My devices would be kicked off WiFi and would not be able to re-connect even though devices could see the WiFi networks. I downgraded to the one version back (May release) and while the devices would remain connected to WiFi, at some random point in time they would lose internet connection and only a reboot would fix it.


I bought my WRT3200ACM on November 8th and immediately updated to the latest firmware that is causing the problem. I believe the firmware had a 10/31/2017 release date. I didnt start experiencing problems until around 12/6 or 12/7.


While on the currently available firmware, even my ethernet connected devices would lose internet connectivity for a short while but would regain it after a few minutes. But that disconnection would happen every 5 to 10 minutes.


A few days ago, I tried flashing the May firmware 3 times (in case the bad firmware was on the second partition causing problems), factory resetting the router on the 2nd and 3rd flash, but that didn't help.


Yesterday, I received a call from a Linksys IT person and they claimed that the May firmware was re-released with a fix in place. I was skeptical of that statement, but I downloaded it anyway. I didn't flash it though once I saw that it was the exact same file size as the May firmware I downloaded over the weekend. Someone else did a checksum against them and they were identical.


At this point, I am running LEDE just so I can have functional internet for both my wired and wireless devices.