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ea 6900 parental control

Hello everyone
I programmed the access of the devices according to a specific schedule in the parental control. after some setbacks, I finally found the trick of IPv6 to control all websites. Now I have another problem:

Let's say that access to the Wan network starts at 8am and ends at 6pm.

The rooter correctly debuts the access in the morning, but does not close at 18h.
When I look at the rooter programming, everyone is red
Setting time is good for my area.
The latest firmware is installed,
Today I had to manually block the network after exceeding more than 20 minutes.
My Laptop is set '' (UTC-05: 00) East (US and Canada) '' and the rooter '' (GMT-05:00) EAST (US and Canada).

I deleted the hours of the schedule, did a restart, reprogrammed the hours for all devices, restarted a restart. Nothing has changed

I have to check every day that the devices start well at the right time, otherwise the reprimands fall and I must also check that the devices stop working on the Wan, otherwise the teenagers do not eat, sleep, or go out .


My only solution, for now, is to reboot the rooter every 12 hours.

For the moment there is no automatism, everything is manual. I would really like the device to properly control the parental control hours as it should .. Do you have any suggestions for me? Other than Rebooter every 12 hours